North Thailand

The breathtaking nature and fascinating tradition have made the northern region a favorite destinations in Thailand. From the former Lanna Kingdom the region has inherited the precious cultural heritages from its past glorious days.

Chiang Mai, the former capital of Lanna Kingdom is a great starting point for any further exploration in the region. Countless Lanna temples dotted in the old city Chiang Mai and throughout the region are its prime highlights.

Its stunning landscapes varying from towering mountains, green and lush valleys, dense jungle, gorges and waterfalls give a way to adventurous activities like trekking, water rafting, elephant-riding, and mountain biking.

Moreover, the northern region embraces the hidden kingdoms in the mountains- the hill-tribe people.Their charming culture has created a colorful patchwork of culture to the region. If you would like to have a remarkable and worthy trip, the northern region will be your ideal choice.

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